From "offer sheet" to international (online) marketplace is one of the largest international marketplaces for used machinery. In addition to the classic machine advertisements and requests, users of our platform will find an auction calendar, a dealer and service provider directory as well as editorial articles on the subject of used machines.

The foundation stone of was laid by Carl Gustav Vogel in 1894, when a print edition of our used machinery exchange appeared for the first time under the title "Offertenblatt für Maschinen". This "Offertenblatt" developed into the MM MaschinenMarkt, which is now one of the largest and oldest trade magazines in the world.

From then on, the used machinery advertisements were published in the magazine under the title "MM Börse" and are still firmly anchored in every issue of MM MaschinenMarkt.

Starting in 2005, MM Börse created an additional online portal for used machinery with in the course of digitalisation.

A repositioning then took place in 2020, with a new concept and a new online platform. MM Börse, the used machinery exchange of MM MaschinenMarkt, became the independent brand

From now on will position itself as the trade media-independent used machinery platform of the Vogel Communications Group and will be active in the entire Vogel network. As part of the Vogel Communications Group uses the advantages of the international trade media network and thus ensures a high level of coverage as well as reliability for suppliers and buyers.

A close connection to MM MaschinenMarkt still exists, as well as the usual machine advertisements on the print pages.

In addition, we now also work closely with other brands of the Vogel Communications Group, including Blechnet, MM Logistik, DeviceMed, konstruktionspraxis, elektrotechnik and ETMM, in print and online.

On the one hand, this expands our range of machinery, and on the other hand, it significantly increases the reach for our customers.

With more than 100 trade media and digital platforms we have direct access to the market and bring together reputable suppliers and interested parties on Users and customers benefit on our international marketplace from daily updated offers and high-quality enquiries on the subject of used machinery - free of charge for the buyer, cost-effective for the seller.

Do you have questions, feedback or are you interested in a cooperation? Then please contact us at, our contact form or by phone at 0931-418 2700.

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