Lathe - Andrey Armyagov -

The lathe

What are Lathes? And what are they used for? Lathes and milling machines are the standard machines in the machining of solid materials. They have been in use for centuries and have been continuously developed for just as long. A basic distinction is made between manual and programmable lathes. Although the programmable CNC lathe is the standard in industry, the manual version still has its place...

Grinding Machine - Doralin -

Grinding Machines

Surface finishing by a grinding machine The sanding machine is used to plane, level and structure a surface. It not only makes it "smooth", but also produces a desired roughness. Depending on the application, different roughnesses are desired. The sanding machine is the standard tool used for this purpose...

Close-up image of CNC-Machine - Shutterstock

Wood routers and their differences

What is a wood router? A wood router is a cutting machine. It removes material with the help of a rotating tool. Therefore, routers are the most important machines in woodworking. They allow a raw block of wood to be shaped into any final form. Different types of milling machines and their applications Wood is a popular material for products where function and aesthetics come together...

Hardly any raw material has contributed as much to the emergence of human civilisation as metal. New machines for metalworking have therefore had to be invented again and again. (Bild: gemeinfrei/ CC0)

Basics knowledge metalworking machines

Hardly any raw material has contributed as much to the emergence of human civilisation as metal. That is why new machines for metalworking had to be invented again and again. An overview. 80 % of all chemical elements are metals. They not only form the largest part of our earth's core, but also surround us constantly in everyday life...

A Neff double-column press DP 200 1000x1200 from 1990. The company presented its retrofit programme at Euroblech 2016 and was looking for the oldest press still in use as part of a competition. (Image: Neff)

Retrofit for future-proof used machines

Second-hand machines can be used for a long time even in modern factories - if they are brought up to the latest technical standard within the framework of a so-called retrofit. The advantages of second-hand machines compared to new machines have already been written about many times. Above all, the lower purchase costs are considered a strong argument for opting for the second-hand version...

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